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Infected Nations Short Sleeve 2009 Tour Shirt For ONE PENCE

£0.01 / Sold Out

Short sleeve 100% cotton tour shirt from the 2009 European Tour that we started with Amon Amarth and Entombed but were unable to continue due to what happened with Mike in Lulea.

The tour dates are printed on the back. We consider this a very special shirt, from a moment in time that will never leave us, as such we can't charge much for them so we're giving them away for 1 pence, just cover the postage charge and it's first come first served.

All we ask in return is that you wear the shirt into a church and scream SLAYER as loud and for as long as possible, for Mike. He would love that. Try not to get arrested though.

These shirts have been found in storage, where they've been for 8 years, so as you can imagine they're not exactly 'fresh'. We recommend giving them a wash before wearing because they smell like storage, they don't smell terrible, they just don't smell new - hence the low price.